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Re-Enactment of New South Wales Marine Corps at Wollongong Medieval Fair
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Image by Vanessa Pike-Russell
The First troops to serve in Australia had been four companies of the British Marine Corps who arrived in NSW with the Very first Fleet in 1788. They served as the convict guard in Britain from 1787 and became the initial garrison of Sydney town in between 1788 and 1792. They have been nicely disciplined and behaved all through their service, earning the believe in and regard of the convicts and indigenous Australians and the praise of Governor Phillip.

However the sick-disciplined adult males of the NSW Corps which adopted them destroyed considerably of this good function. Marines shared most of the privations and fears of the convicts they guarded but in no way grew to become oppressive or tyrannical. Their many expeditions also opened up considerably of the Sydney basic for more settlement. In recognition of their excellent provider in NSW and other theatres of operation, the British Corps of Marines grew to become the Royal Marines in 1802.

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