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Medieval: Penetrating a Knights Armour/ weapons Tips?

Issue by Michael: Medieval: Penetrating a Knights Armour/ weapons Recommendations?
1) Im a tiny baffled, on how weapons these kinds of as the halbred, voulge, and bardiches are successful from the thick armour worn by knights, it just seems unimaginable for a slashing weapon to be ready to pierce that armour, unless they have been attacking the chainmal in specific regions each time, so how had been the winning?

two) I need a polearm that can be used to defeat greatly armored opponents even though maintaining a ‘pikemen’ stance, in a shoulder-shoulder formation. i was possibly considering of a hammer, to concuss the enemy on their head.

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Answer by Devin Fleenor
most of people weapons had been utilized right after the 1500s, at that point, heavy armor wasn’t favored battle atire due to the transition to speedier, a lot more exact swords.
even in overcome ahead of then, most knights would only dress in chain mail, not thick platebody armor suits.

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  1. lazyslacker013

    trip him. you have range on him and all armor has a vulnerability. Well, the biggest vulnerability of the heavy armor was its weight. A knight that fell off of a horse was usually stunned for a while, at least long enough for a man with a thin bladed knife to put it through the eye of the visor. The real reason Pike and pole-arm were effective is because horses aren’t so stupid as to charge into a mass of them as they are usually not suicidal. Dismounting in heavy armor is not easy and neither is advancing any distance on foot. also, plate tends to have openings in the joints where you’ll still have to get through either leather or chain but it is considerably easier than going directly through the plate. Remember, if you can a plate wearer off balance take advantage and knock him over. So long as you don’t end up beneath him, you’ll have the advantage.

    Good idea with the hammer by the way since the mace was intended to get by the armor by bashing everything inside of it while leaving the armor intact. A crushed arm cannot wield a sword against you. The voulge, bardiche and halberd draw their power against armor from physics. remember that the weight of the weapon will increase its impact and when that impact is on a very small point such as the end of a spear or the edge of a blade it can cause tremendous damage. A thrust or slash is not likely to do much but an overhand swing that lets the blade travel and gain speed adds to its momentum and thus increases its penetration power and if it fails to penetrate will still bash the heck out of the target. Consider the distance traveled in a spear thrust, probably only a couple of feet. But the arc of an overhand swing lets it travel for a few yards (several in the case of a long pole-arm) before reaching its target and it also has the added benefit of gravity assisting the blow.
    anyhow, the weapon you want is the poleaxe since it was meant to breach plate and the head of the weapon is three weapons giving you added versatility. The spear to brace against a charge, the axe blade (or hammer depending on variant) for slashing/smashing. and a spike on the opposite side of the ax blade/hammer for piercing the armor.
    My favorite method of dealing with plate and heavy armor comes from the steppe horsemen. that is the use of a lasso to catch and then drag the stupid SOB wearing plate. Knights are an incredibly effective tool of warfare but they lack versatility and especially mobility when compared to even the hun riders, let alone the mongols’ golden horde. Historical note, the only reason the mongols didn’t conquer europe is that they arrived too closely on the heels of the barbarians’ invasions of rome and none the cities they scouted had any real wealth (consider that they were used to raiding the very developed cities of the chinese and other asiatics) and the few battles they did fight were incredibly one sided, so much so that to this day Russia still remembers and hates them for it. Though the lasso is a fun way to take down a knight the mongols would more often just shoot the horse out from under them. The scots liked to do a similar thing to british chivalry except that they used the claymore to hack the horses legs off thus achieving the same goal.

  2. Dom Lev

    a halberd or military pick is what you need. each armour developed was matched by a method of getting through it and the military pick was pure evil efficiency.

  3. Heathen

    A crossbow will easily punch through plate armour.


  4. A Nix

    That was the whole point in suits of armour, they were hard as shit to penetrate. Especially when the knight is attacking you too. Possibly from horseback.

    Though, there were weakspots in the armour, where you can go with a bladed weapon, and blunt and heavy weapons can still do damage.

    It was only really when firearms became practical that armour became worse, before then it was a good all around protectitive device

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