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Cool Renaissance Costume pictures

Some neat renaissance costume photos:

The Stomach Dancer Costume Shop
renaissance costume
Picture by Clevergrrl

Images from our journey to the Georgia renaissance festival on April twelve, 2008 in Fairburn, GA. Far more information about the festival can be located at

Quite fascinating costume!
renaissance costume
Picture by Alaskan Dude
The Three Barons Renaissance Faire is an yearly event held every single June for two weekends in Anchorage, Alaska. Due to other travel ideas I was only ready to show up at on 1 day this calendar year, and like most of this crappy summer season it was a less than excellent day – grey, cold and really windy so there was a whole lot of dust getting kicked up. The amount of people seems lower from prior a long time and because of to a scheduling snafu the stomach dancers failed to carry out. In spite of all that it was a decent celebration – and we’re all hoping for better luck following year.

Renaissance Me 12
renaissance costume
Picture by cammy♥claudia
This is me as Elisabetta di Portinari, my persona for the Society for Inventive Anachronism (SCA). 🙂

I am so glad that I finally have pictures of me in costume! I questioned my sister-in-law to consider the photographs simply because she’s an amazing photographer. I hope you like them! 😀 &lt3

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