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Q&A: How would you produce a stone seem on wooden flats? Movie/Theatre: Artwork Course/ Production Style?

Question by Danny H: How would you make a stone appear on wooden flats? Film/Theatre: Artwork Route/ Manufacturing Design?
Hello there,

I’m artwork directing a very low-finances pupil film in Toronto, Canada, and I am looking for a answer to creating a fake stone wall on wooden flats in purchase to create the look of a bed room in a medieval castle.

A couple feasible solutions I’ve contemplated:

-Painting the wood to appear like stone
-Plastering stone shaped sections and then painting them

Is there these issue as a fake stone panel that can be stapled or hammered to flats? If so what might it expense and in which may possibly I go to decide on them up?

I would appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me.


Ideal reply:

Response by artinmyheart
It would be great practice to paint your stones, I am a fake finnisher and do it all the time in peoples houses.
But there is a quicker soultion. Go to a huge home enhancement middle and they have styrafoam bricks, stones, and points like that.
You can also make a number of molds of genuine stones and fill them with papermache material.
The most enjoyable is trying to figure the ideal most sensible soulution. Use some good references from journals and guides. Then examine them carefully. You can do it! It can be actually not that hard
I do have a great writer that does amazing trompe l’oeil. (to fool the eye) Graham Rust. The textbooks are “the painted home”, “revisiting the painted residence”, and “decorative patterns”
Very good Luck !!!!!!!

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  1. happy face

    The cheapest way…..paint it to look like stone! It’s pretty easy too! Leave grout lines….use light grays and tans….put a shadow on the underside of each rock. Piece of CAkE!

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