Q&A: Digital camera for medieval helmet?

Problem by dolan: Digital camera for medieval helmet?
I put on a Templar knight outfit for cosplay events like Dragon con, halloween, and etc. My helmet has tons of minor holes, approximately 1/4″ in diameter, I was wondering if their was a camera with decent resolution that could match more than 1 of the holes to seize the occasions I go to… without taping a camcorder to my helmet.

My helmet design is exactly the identical as this 1,

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Solution by Orko von Snarf-Snarf
try out one particular of the pet’s eye view cameras. I know the cheap versions a couple of a long time back only took stills, but I am confident by now they’d have a decent model of video for not as well considerably.

You could also attempt some of the rail mount cameras supposed for guns or other sports ($ a hundred thirty) that would do it and be transportable but the lenses are too big for the reduce end ones (about the measurement of a quarter) for internal helmet mounting.

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