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David Oscarson – Valhalla

A handful of wonderful medieval spear pictures I identified:

David Oscarson – Valhalla
medieval spear
Picture by s.yume
Minimal version #33 of 88

The Valhalla Assortment is the ninth in the David Oscarson™ series of Limited Edition producing instruments. Produced in 3 colour variations, each will be limited to manufacturing of 88 pieces (which includes fountain pens and roller balls).

From the Bronze Age to medieval occasions, Viking mythology was the religion of Scandinavia. These days, legends of the Vikings are current in all cultures as a outcome of their potential to travel and plunder, leaving their marks throughout the encounter of Europe and the identified entire world. Known for their ‘longships’ and crude weaponry, the Vikings also developed a crude runic alphabet, observed chiseled into enormous granite rocks, known as rune stones they can be noticed throughout most of modern day-day Europe.

Valhalla (Valhöll) actually translated signifies ‘Hall of the Slain” and is in essence a Viking heaven, or ‘Otherworld’ into which Viking warriors pass upon leaving this existence. It is a wonderful framework – much like a Roman Coliseum – with 640 doorways, by way of each of which 960 champions can march shoulder to shoulder. Its rafters are spear shafts and its tiles are shields of gold. Here, fallen champions commit all day gaming and fighting one an additional in battle. At the finish of the day, the dead and wounded are all healed, so they can invest the night time feasting on the flesh of a boar whose flesh never diminishes and consuming from the udders of a magic goat.

In Valhalla, 3 Viking gods prevail: the Nordic Trinity, Odin, Thor and Frey.

Odin, ‘God of the Slain’ and ‘All-Father’ lives throughout all ages ruling his kingdom definitely, governing all issues wonderful and little. He fashioned Heaven and Earth and is also credited for making Gentleman and providing him an immortal spirit ‘which shall by no means perish however the body crumble to dust or burn off to ashes’. Odin is also the patron god of poetry and one of his poems slithers in the form of a serpent in higher relief on the cap of the Valhalla Assortment. Actually translated from runic script, the poem reads ‘he who would study the sacred runes is clever to waste no words’. Odin’s title is the basis for our modern-day day Wednesday (Odinsdag).

Thor is of training course the God of Thunder. He is the guardian of the planet – each of gods and males. His mighty hammer Mjöllnir is a small-handled weapon (the dwarf who forged it was interrupted in his operate by a gnat stinging him on the eyelid). Named right after lightning, or practically ‘ a thunderbolt’ it can be swung or thrown, and will always return to his hand like a boomerang. It is with this weapon that Thor maintains the balance of the entire world and keeps forces of chaos in verify. Thor’s identify is the foundation for our modern day Thursday (Thorsdag).

Frey is the god of fertility. He is the noblest of gods. He controls the rain and sunshine and consequently the all-natural boost of the earth and it is excellent to contact upon him for fruitful seasons and for peace he also controls the great fortunes of guys. Frey was the paramount god of the Swedes and revered as the divine ancestor of their kings. Frey is stated to have developed the excellent temple at Uppsala (just north of Stockholm) when he produced it his chief seat and the Swedes created sacrifices to him at weddings: ‘He bestows peace and enjoyment on mortals’. In Norse mythology, Frey is remembered as a symbol of the divine marriage amongst the sky and the earth that creates Spring. (His twin sister, Freyja, is the most superb of the goddesses and was the mistress of Odin for a time. Her name is the basis for our modern-day Friday.)

In contrast to the crude art of the Viking era, the Valhalla Collection is portrayed in the technical knowledge of Guilloché engraving and the artistic mastery of Difficult Enamel. The Collection incorporates three amounts of Guilloché and three colours of translucent and opaque challenging enamel on each Assortment piece.

The Medieval design of this Restricted Version demands 3 separate levels of engraving. The total body of the pen is 1st cut down to the degree of the qualifications, leaving the outlines of the rune stone and longship in high relief. The wave and granite designs are then engraved onto the surface area of the human body of the pen. The 3rd stage of engraving applies the more compact serpent motif to the surface area of the granite the more substantial serpent remaining elevated in higher relief.

July nine/ten Ringrider parade
medieval spear
Image by Jude Doyland
These days was the start of the Ringrider weekend here in Sonderborg. Ringriding is like medieval jousting whereby the riders are on a horse and with a lance they try to spear a ring off a target. A parade began the celebration and so here are two men from a properly dressed unit of the Danish army from the parade. However I was in a lousy spot for photographs so this is the greatest I had.

The two young children of Grimaldi
medieval spear
Image by austinevan
The tomb of the two kids of Grimaldi. This is an eleven,000 calendar year previous grave that contains the physiques of two deformed young children (enlarged and elongated bulbous heads and uncommon bone dimensions). They are the two about two a long time previous and their bones recommend that they had a very good diet plan and had been wholesome. Harm to the vertebrae of 1 of the young children suggests that they were the two violently killed (but not ritualistically – fairly an assault by a sharp weapon). The source of the skull and bone deformities is mysterious. Alongside the skeletons, hundreds of very small pierced shells are identified. Maybe a belt or covering made by linking the shells with fiber.

I picture these two adorable 2 12 months olds with their enormous bulbous heads sitting about their medieval village residence actively playing sporting their minor jewelries and apparently ingesting quite well. Then all of a sudden someone kills them with a spear or axe. Maybe the village in Italy where they lived was invaded? Did the invaders eliminate them simply because of their deformity?


facts from museum:

Squelettes deux enfants decoverts ainsi couches cote a cote, le seven juillet 1875, dans la premiere des grottes de Menton La area abdominale est recoverte d’une ceinture ou pagne de coquillages perces apparenant tous a l’espece connue sous le nom de Nassa neritea.

On 7th July 1865 the skeletons of two children have been learned lying following to every other in the initial of the Grottos at Menton. Their stomaches have been protected with a belt created up of pierced shells of the variety identified as Nassa Neritea.


much more details from study at museum:

La sépulture des enfants de Grimaldi a été découverte dans l’une des grottes du web site des Baoussé-Roussé en Ligurie (Italie) à la fin du XIXe siècle par le préhistorien E. Rivière.

Une datation C14 en spectrométrie de masse par accélérateur de particules la date de la fin du Paléolithique supérieur alors que l’Italie était occupée par les populations de chasseurs-cueilleurs de l’Epigravettien final. Comme plusieurs auteurs l’ont souligné, les tombes réunissent des vestiges intéressant à la fois la biologie et la tradition. De ce double position de vue, la sépulture des enfants de Grimaldi restée inédite, constitue un document archéologique exceptionnel.

L’étude des squelettes apporte des informations sur l’anatomie, le développement et la pathologie des jeunes enfants du Paléolithique supérieur qui permettent en particulier de discuter des soins qui leur étaient prodigués et de leurs situations de vie.

Une nouvelle analyse du traitement funéraire a pu être effectuée automobile la placement initiale d’une partie des os et de la parure a été préservée grâce à la strategy de prélèvement utilisée par E. Rivière.

Originale parce qu’elle réunit dans un même espace deux enfants de moins de cinq ans dont un est décédé à la suite d’une blessure because of à un projectile, cette sépulture offre des caractéristiques qui évoquent cependant des pratiques funéraires très proches de celles mises en oeuvre par les autres groupes humains de l’Epigravettien ultimate.

L’étude synthétique de l’ensemble des sépultures du Paléolithique supérieur italien apporte en outre des éléments de réflexion sur l’évolution du comportement des populations paléolithiques confront à la mort des jeunes enfants et au-delà sur leur organisation sociale.

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