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Why do individuals advocate bans and legal sanctions on anything they never like?

Problem by Chris K: Why do individuals advocate bans and legal sanctions on anything at all they don’t like?
It happened with alcohol, then they determined that was a poor idea.
They did it with medication, and they Nonetheless assume it can be a excellent idea..
They are starting it with cigarettes (banned indoors, particular municipalities banned all cigarette smoking unless in one’s property.)
Meals has it can be advocates
Numerous men and women nonetheless feel in religion healing and want Everything that effects you to be banned.

Whats going on? Considering that when did federal government grow to be an instrument of enforcing private morality? Even medieval societies had no drug bans or protectionist measure as punitive as those we have today.
Of class that is hyperbole, but you can see what I’m saying.
Why doesn’t anyone imagine in Independence any more? We entirely agree with actually more intrusive acts by authorities, just due to the fact Tv news has created lifestyle so sensationalistic and hyperimportant. The bulk of citizens take the energized media as reality.
It can be actual straightforward to make up a dilemma and provide a “resolution” that eventually empowers the powers that be.

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Reply by visionsofforever
Nicely, medication ARE negative. That being stated, so are a lot of issues. You can thank the so called “liberals” for choosing what is great for humanity and what is not, as properly as taking absent our freedom of selection and speech. Dang, you are not able to even say “Christmas” on Television commercials anymore. If liberals would brain their own dang business, this entire world would be a much better area.

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