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What form of artwork is in medieval publications?

Query by Draeg: What form of art is in medieval publications?
In the vicinity of 15 minutes in to the movie, “The Ninth Gate”, Johnny Depp, is seeking at a guide entitled, “The Nine Gates to The Shadow Kingdom” and there are images in it(one photo is a guy hitting an additional guy with a mace). I was asking yourself what form of artwork is that(not the sort of artwork the killing is, just what kind of art the whole photo is)?

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Answer by thereisnomusic
Excellent film.
It really is challenging to say- it is a very common design of engraving standard of medieval illuminated manuscripts, although- if I don’t forget the engravings ended up black and white and not really as elaborate as most illuminated manuscript (with a couple of exceptions… possibly you would be intrigued in early anglo saxon art. specially the caedmon manuscripts. a simple google image research might suffice.)

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  1. Mujer Alta

    Illumination – from the latin for to light up….to give additional meaning to… to add explanation….etc.

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