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Renaissance woman

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Renaissance woman
renaissance costume
Image by Davide Cassenti

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1530s Renaissance Court Dress
renaissance costume
Image by Sacheverelle

Lovely lass at a hat shop at the Arizona Renaissance Fair
renaissance costume
Image by Alaskan Dude
I had the chance to attend the Arizona Renaissance Fair (ARF) outside of Apache Junction, Arizona in February 2011. I’ve wanted to attend this for a long time and finally pulled it off. I was there for the Sunday and President’s Day Monday show – Sunday was cold and rainy without very many people in the audience while Monday was nice, sunny, and swarming with people.

The acts were incredible – I’m always amazed at people’s creativity since I have none of my own. In this set I’ve included some of the acts, other performers in costume, and other folks just taking in the Fair.

If you really want to check out some great ARF photos, look at Grant Brummett’s photos on Flickr. Grant has a knack for capturing the spirit of the Ren Fair and his photography is incredible!

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