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6 Thoughts to “Tips for how to make medieval weapons for a quality four class undertaking – a flail, shield and sword.?”

  1. pink_hana2001

    Aluminum foil and cardboard

  2. cncnmn

    Cut a sword out of plywood with an electric saw and paint with gold and silver paint and then make a shield out of cardboard using same paint. Tie a rope throught two holes in the shield to make the handle. I just did this for my son to play “Narnia”….

  3. xox_BAD_GURL_xox

    go to a dollar store and buy that stuff, it’s not dangerous, what they sell there. besides, saves time for goodness sake! painting and stuff? …too long.

  4. timmy♫♫

    Don’t forget styrofoam. But don’t let the kids alone with it. Our teacher gave us some to add onto some other project. It was like a huge pillow fight!

  5. mahalukpirate

    go to your blacksmiths ( i recommen WH Blacksmiths) don’t forget to take about a ton of iron ore with you this can be found in Mordor or just that massive mountain by your house boy, after you have mined there and taken the ore in a wheelbarrow to the blacksmiths (or public forge) smelt the iron in the forge until it becomes soft and creamy, use a small tea spoon and if it melts in the ore then its ready. Pour the contents onto a bracket of somesort (please search on yahoo for the proper name) and pour cold water over the mould to cool the ore and create a chemical reaction. Get a big hammer and whack the sword and shield in to shape, hammer it in the morning and hammer in the evening just hammer all over the “stuff”. Once you have zen. You can now sharpen the sword on a wheel and one of those foot pedals that make the wheel spin, lots of sparks will fly off, so wear protective goggles and ask an adult to help you. Tie a piece of string to the shield as a handle (at this point you will probably be on the school bus trying to get everything perfect and finished so this will save time). Sorry I cannot help you make a flail, try Walmart. Hope this helped , I made a shield and sword for my sons “Narnia” playset.

  6. tardebigge

    For a flail, I would start with a styrofoam ball, and insert plastic drinking straws into it. Cut the straws after you have them in the ball, so they all can be of equal length. Glue would be optional, depending on how easily the straws come out of the styrofoam.

    Spray paint the whole thing with flat black paint, to resemble iron.

    You could recreate the chain by crocheting a length of heavy black yarn.

    A dowel, painted black, would be the third element.

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