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Q&A: For any declare on how liberals are full supporters of Islam at the price of other religions…?

Issue by broken: For any declare on how liberals are total supporters of Islam at the expense of other religions…?
Do individuals forget about a thing? Several of them might effectively be anti-religion in general.

And how about “severe Leftists”?

Here is a Communist who seemed to show the veil reminded him of “medieval traditions” kingdom/two/hi there/8607802.stm

I thought I read one more article which statements Communists in France walked out above the measure recently, but I couldn’t locate it anymore.

Can an individual remember to aid me with my confusion?

Ideal reply:

Reply by Klaatu barada nikto
Being anti-Muslim is being anti-pedophile.

Muslims nevertheless apply the policy of marrying ” child brides ” as their Founder, Muhammed,, did when he married his second spouse, Aisha, when she was 6 many years previous and he was 50 several years aged. He then waited three far more several years to consummate the marriage.

Muslims right now also practice ” Honor Killings ” exactly where teenager girls are killed if they ” dishonor ” their household.
There have been several US circumstances of ” Honor Killings ” Murders the most renowned of which was the Muslim Father in Texas who murdered his 2 teenage daughters since they had ” dishonored ” him by becoming also Westernized.

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