Medieval Clothing

Chartres Cathedral

Some awesome medieval wear images:

Chartres Cathedral
medieval wear
Image by stevecadman
Chartres Cathedral (1194-1260). The imposing scale of the cathedral displays the reality that it housed a particularly valuable religious relic – the Sancta Camisia (supposedly the robe that Mary wore when she gave birth to Jesus). The Romanesque cathedral burnt down in 1194, and it was swiftly rebuilt, with most of the reconstruction happening above the next thirty many years. Most of the unique 12th and 13th century stained glass is intact, but regrettably my digital camera was not up to photographing this. The sheer scale of the creating, and the splendor of the stained glass make this a genuinely spectacular area.

medieval wear
Image by Ka Rasmuson
Ka @ Rustica


Outfit: Blood Rose by KC Styles
Tattoos: Tribal Band two by Ink Inc
Skin: Zoe Gold (smokey/deep rose make-up) by Naughty
Hair: Koda (black) by Kin

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