Two Shields Etchings

A number of nice medieval shield images I discovered:

Two Shields Etchings
medieval shield
Image by feministjulie
From the Plaque:

&quotCarlisle Castle, begin in 1092 by William II, was constructed to a normal Norman prepare with an artificial mount, The Motte, on which was constructed a powerful tower The Keep, and an offensive wall close to it forming the Internal Bailey. And Outer Bailey enclosed the Castle Green. Moats, generates from h2o-stuffed ditches, further supplemented the defences.

&quotBasically the Castle remains unchanged from the medieval program and it is still Crown property.&quot

medieval shield
Image by MarcelGermain
Keystone on the ceiling of the church of Santa Maria del Mar, one of the most gorgeous medieval structures in Barcelona.

Located in the district of La Ribera, Santa Maria del Mar was constructed amongst 1329 and 1383, at the height of Catalonia’s maritime and mercantile preeminence. It is an excellent case in point of Catalan Gothic, with a purity and unity of type that are extremely unusual in huge mediaeval structures.

Stand agency!
medieval shield
Picture by A single lucky man
A Hospitaller knight just returned from Krak des Chevaliers possibly?

Showing off that correctly-made shield from Mercenary’s Tailor, the mail ventail on my coif, and my favorite Albion Norman sword.

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