Q&A: What is the ideal technique for creating and casting molds for big objects?

Problem by Arya: What is the best technique for producing and casting molds for huge objects?
What merchandise is very best for making molds and then casting them in resin for huge objects? I am functioning on a prop armour fit for a Con next 12 months and most of it will want to be custom produced. I have all the programs worked out but wasn’t sure which method or brand name was ideal for molding and casting significant areas (this kind of as shoulder pads, forearm guards, and thigh guards).

And i am on a sort of a finances, so i dont have the funds or capability of vacuum forming.

All support is appreciated!

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Reply by mike1942f
In the world of sculpture, individuals are not big objects, and I have to query whether resin is the greatest choice for the products you name – fiberglass or one of the high temperature formable plastics would look to be a better selection. In any scenario, typically for medium to big forged sculptural objects the unique design is normally carried out in non-hardening modeling clay, which can be reused, and from this molds are pulled for forming copies. The copies might be plaster, plastic, and so on. The mold may possibly be rigid plaster if created in sections or versatile materials the the very least pricey and least strong getting latex molding compound, which has to be backed with plaster to maintain its form. This hyperlink http://www.horsesculpture.internet/studio.html has a video clip that display a very significant clay type of a horse in gentle clay and the generating and pulling molds using fairly pricey silicone to make waxes for missing wax casting. This website link exhibits my webpage about latex and clay on my web site

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  1. tigri

    I would probably not even try to use resin, particularly if you are on a budget. I you look here: you’ll find some recommendations of what other materials you could use. Unless you do want it to be fairly hard and protective I probably would use something more light and flexible.

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