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Not to beat this to demise…but?

Question by tikitiki: Not to beat this to dying…but?
This entire factor with the Muslims and the Pope. Here’s aparagraph from a latest post:
On Sunday, Benedict said he was “deeply sorry” more than any hurt brought on by his comments made in a speech previous week, in which he quoted a medieval text characterizing some of the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings as “evil and inhuman” and calling Islam a faith disperse by the sword.
And the backlink:
So, now Iran is egging these folks on, and they are “treatening war against Christians and the West till Islam requires above the entire world.” So how can they declare to be this kind of a peaceful religion? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, gonna destroy everyone who isn’t going to imagine what they do? And why aren’t any of the so referred to as peaceful Muslims standing up to this? I just don’t get it, bunch of hippocrites, probably they must run for president……….Thanks for allowing me vent.
Like the t-shirt concept, that’s a excellent a single lol

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Response by askHolyBush
some destroy me!! and set me out of my misery!!!

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