Halloween Costume Ideas

Cute Halloween costume ideas that I can throw together quickly?

Question by Kat: Cute Halloween costume ideas that I can throw together quickly?
I was invited to this youth group tomorrow night and apparently they’re having a Halloween party. I want to dress up, but I have no idea what/who to be =/
Since it’s such short notice, I don’t have much time to go out and buy anything, so I need a costume I can throw together with things I already own.
Any ideas?

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Answer by George M
a ghost , mabey wear something all black and color your face to look goth

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8 Thoughts to “Cute Halloween costume ideas that I can throw together quickly?”

  1. DAZ

    How about you go 80’s? That’s always fun and can be pretty cute! Just cut up an old sweater so that it can hang off your shoulder, and wear a tank top under. In the eighties there was a lot of mini skirts with leggings. Also wear BRIGHT colors, it’s ok if it looks mix matched. Purple, yellow, blue, pink, orange etc…and lots of funky overdone jewlery and make up. Like blue eyeshadow, lots of blush, and bubblegum pink lipstick. Hair scrunchies and banana clips, poofy hair and bangs. It’s a ton of fun!

  2. ananadyne

    If you have any bohemian types of cloths you could consider going as a gypsy, (scarf around the head, big hoop ear rings, flowy skirts, ect..) or maybe a pirate…. even a hippie! 60’s stuff is always fun.

  3. Earl B

    buy an 18 pack of called beer. take a second and enjoy drinking the beer and when you’re feelin’ alright take the box and wear it on your head and tata… its a costume. now you’re ready to go trick-o-treating

  4. Fred B

    if you can afford to lose a sheet cut two holes in the sheet and put that over you dont put it on until you are absolutely sure everyone is doing that ive had a personal experiance with that… sad day

  5. tashabasha03

    Dress normally and make a sign and attach it to your shirt saying “Nudist on Strike.” I don’t think you could get any easier than that.

  6. xsherryxcherryx

    You can wear black and red, go out and get some devil horns and tail, maybe a pitchfork, and be a devil. 🙂

  7. keath leger 4 eva

    1. Burn Victim Travis Barker, DJ AM, or Plane.
    2. Freshly shot John F. Kennedy.
    3. Hurricane IKE
    4. Hurricane Katrina (still funny).
    5. California Fires.
    6. The ALWAYS funny dead Keath Ledger.

  8. Coral

    How about these, may be some of these you make your own.

    Peter Pan Handler
    Target Queen
    Bathing Beauty
    Beggar Costume
    Fat Witch
    Mother Nature

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