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Q&A: What do we do now??????

Question by IRONMAN: What do we do now??????
Ok gang! We’ve been ambushed by another gang! STREET FIGHT!!!!!! What weapon are you gonna use & who are you gonna use it against?

Their gang members:
a) El Berserko Viking w/ an axe
b) The midget Ninja w/ nun-chucks
c) Chimp w/ a chainsaw
d) Clown juggling flaming bowling pins
e) Spanish Channel News Anchor w/ a whip & maracas
f) Hobo w/ a broken whiskey bottle
g) Medieval knight on a horse w/ an ak-47
h) Shaun of the dead w/ records to throw

As always I’m using my trusty hand grenade & taking on the chainsaw monkey!

Best answer:

Answer by Scott V
F. Hobo with a broken whiskey bottle. That one is funny!

I would choose f or g

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