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our feedback on the following article. about Kosovo?

Question by upyr1: our responses on the subsequent post. about Kosovo?
KIM Data Newsletter twenty five-01-08

Kosovo authorities carry on their intense usurpation of Serbia’s spiritual and cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija

KIM Information Services
Decani, January 25, 2008

“It is with wonderful worry and shock that we examine the information presenting the tourist offerings of Kosovo at the recent international tourism good held in Ohrid,” explained Bishop Teodosije, the Serbian Orthodox Church’s consultant in the approach of the restoration of Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija.

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“Unfortunately, this is not the 1st time the Kosovo authorities, concretely in this instance the Ministry for Commerce and Industry (Segment for Tourism), is launching a falsified edition of the history of Kosovo and Metohija, completely negating the Serbian non secular and cultural heritage. Our holy shrines are staying represented as soon as yet again as some type of Illyrian-Albanian churches in the ‘Byzantine-Kosovar’ style, the medieval city of Novo Brdo is referred to as the Artana Fortress, and the existence of the Serbian Orthodox Church is openly not mentioned at all,” said the Bishop.

A few years back, in May possibly 2005, the Kosovo Ministry of Tradition at that time dispersed a pamphlet of similar content material in UNESCO headquarters in Paris. On that event the Serbian Orthodox Church responded sharply by means of its consultant, Bishop Irinej Dobrijevic, and the controversial publication was promptly withdrawn. “Evidently,” stated Bishop Teodosije, “the views of the Albanian authorities in Kosovo have not altered in the minimum in spite of their declarative statements regarding their readiness to regard the Serbian Orthodox cultural heritage, which is some thing the Kosovo authorities formally dedicated to for the duration of the program of very last year’s negotiations in Vienna.”

The subject material of the controversial presentation of the Kosovo Ministry of Business and Trade very best illustrates the kind of potential the Kosovo government is getting ready for the Serbian cultural heritage and the extent to which their promises to regard the identity and house of the Serbian Orthodox Church are sincere.

Bishop Teodosije, the consultant of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the process of restoring Serbian holy shrines in Kosovo and Metohija informed associates of worldwide diplomatic mission in Kosovo and Metohija regarding this make a difference today. He expressed his sharp protest and disagreement with the discriminatory perspective of the Kosovo authorities towards the Serbian religious and cultural heritage, which is exposed to intense “Kosovarization” and Albanization by regional officers.

“Serbian holy shrines in Kosovo and Metohija need to not only be bodily secured from the destruction to which they have been exposed, specially for the duration of the last 8 many years beneath the UN international mission but also efficiently safeguarded in accordance with worldwide legislation and conventions. The crude falsification of historical past and complete negation of Serbia’s heritage in Kosovo and Metohija are entirely contrary to international promises and ensures. We ought to put an stop to these decided efforts to alienate the most critical element of Serbian medieval cultural heritage from the Serbian individuals and usurp it from the Serbian Orthodox Church at any price tag.”

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Reply by FORTY55_
Weighty duty religious and cultural discrimination is quite typical in locations outside North America and the much more proven mainstream Europe. It is just a sad reality of lifestyle, though organizations like the United Nations have addressed these concerns for years in producing international locations.

You deep concern for the make any difference is encouraging. I would stimulate you to get in touch with the UN Ambassador for Kosovo and talk about your worry. Also the director of the UNDP as effectively.

I proposed a long time in the past UNESCO to over see the administration of Historic Palenstine/Israel with every single heritage controlling respective components of their historical past peacefully,but my suggestion fell on deaf ears. Absolutely everyone desires funds,oil,mud ,blood and the beer just like an old Johnny Cash song with a boy named “Sue”

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