What did the Roman Gladius (sword) add to afterwards civilizations.?

Query by Jack: What did the Roman Gladius (sword) add to afterwards civilizations.?
Clarify how the Gladius was an crucial sword in the victories of the Roman Empire and how it was employed by other empires, and was the foundation for numerous other models of swords.

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Answer by redunicorn
“This stabbing strategy was most successful on the battlefield as deep stabbing wounds to the midsection of an opponent. Not like other swords that were employed in strike to inflict glancing lacerations the thrust of a Gladius was almost always fatal. A Roman legionary would constantly mount the scabbard for his Gladius on the correct facet, permitting a formation of soldiers to simply draw their swords in formation without having accidentally injuring soldiers to both aspect. Centurions and Praetorian Guard models typically wore their swords on the still left as a indicator distinction from the regular legionnaires. These weapons had been also frequently noticed in the fingers of the Gladiator entertainers during the empire.”

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  1. Man

    Others swords that ever existed were all about slashing and sword fighting. The only thing that I can say that resembles a gladius in history is a dagger.

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