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What is much more expense successful, sewing up my very own renaissance fair costume or purchasing it?

Issue by Regular girl: What is a lot more expense successful, sewing up my personal renaissance fair costume or buying it?
I took one particular sewing course when i was in high college but i am very good at it.. what is more effective. the dresses i sa won ebay had been arounf 65-seventy five dollars..


Finest solution:

Answer by Cherise Kelley
65 – seventy five is rather reasonable, specially for middle course or noble Renfaire costumes. For peasant garb, you can do better producing it oneself.

The reasonable you system to participate in ought to have workshops that teach you how to make your possess costume, and styles as effectively as rules about which materials you can wear. Never make your costume before you take these workshops, or your costume may not pass and you will have to do all that perform about once again.

For Halloween, just borrow a friend’s Renfaire costume. We use it so significantly we want to be one thing else for Halloween. ) You will get to that stage, too.

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