Great Japanese Sword photographs

Some amazing japanese sword pictures:

Nomura Sword: Nakago & Mei
japanese sword
Picture by jpellgen
Priceless swords on screen inside of the Nomura samurai property and museum in Kanazawa’s Nagamachi samurai district. The Nomura had been high-rating samurai until heading broke during the Meiji period. The property features a stunning backyard and some superb artifacts, including weapons and armor.

A katana which has been held in mint condition… This part of the sword is acknowledged as the nakago (tang). The holes which are utilised to fasten the tang to the take care of are identified as mekugi-ana. You can see the mei (signature) if you seem intently.

The Nagamachi samurai district in Kanazawa preseves significantly of the atmosphere of the times when bushi nevertheless dominated Japan. You can see eathen wall and an old architectural fashion. Some of these properties are open to visitors, the Nomura home getting the finest example.

japanese sword
Image by hawk684

sword stands progressing
japanese sword
Image by windsordi
The work on the Japanese sword stands is progressing.. drawers now produced (minus the drawer fronts nevertheless)

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