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Cool Medieval Costume images

Some cool medieval costume images:

My Book House: a medieval vignette
medieval costume
Image by litlnemo
I had a bunch of books when I was a kid that were handed down from older relatives. This book set belonged to my mom’s family. It’s a 1930s edition of My Book House, a wonderful set of books. There were 12 volumes, each one getting more advanced. So the first book was nursery rhymes, and the last book was biographies and longer works. In between were tons of folktales and poems and true stories from around the world.

What really makes these books wonderful, though, is the illustration. The first part of the 20th century was a golden age for children’s book illustration.

I loved the illustrations so much I even memorized the names of some of the illustrators: Maud and Miska Petersham, Donn Crane. I would not be surprised if the illustrations of medieval women in swirling gowns and elaborate headwear led directly to my later interest in historic costume.

Medieval cash register? (IMG_9145a)
medieval costume
Image by Alaskan Dude
I had a chance to visit the Texas Renaissance Fair on the first weekend of November 2010. I came here expecting a lot but was completely overwhelmed – not only by the size of the Fairgrounds but by the number of people and acts going on. I was there for two full days and don’t think I saw everything. The people watching was incredible – ah, this was really a photographer’s dream come true.

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