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Is it wierd for a 14 year old to not like the ‘entertainment’ these days?

Question by : Is it wierd for a 14 year old to not like the ‘entertainment’ these days?
I like watching the History Channel some times. I dislike the trash on Nick and Disney Channel they all seem like the same show to me. “Omg Nick has a girlfriend, ah!” I don’t want to watch shows like that. I also dislike modern music and popular culture. In fact I don’t pay attention to celebrities at all. I don’t now many of thier names till the news reports there deaths.
I dislike EXTREMELY violent games. The worst game in violence I have played is Medieval II Total War.
I also like Pirates of The Carribean. Though in my school its a “uncool” movie and ‘good’ movies MUST have a sex scene.
I also like the British TV show horrible History. I like history and the humour can be enjoyable.
Is my choice in TV show and video games strange.
My favorite TV show would have to be the Twilight Zone. (My dad grew up in the 60’s and showed me the show when I was 5) If you ask the age of parents in my school it will ver go above the age of 30.
Is my choice in TV shows stange. People say my choice in entertainment is “lame”.
Sorry for the tpos I was typing fast and did not see them.
Some people in my class watch that. I don’t like reality shows either.

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Answer by Rachel
No, good for you. Most things nowadays are just complete garbage anyway.

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