Halloween Costume Ideas

What are some good halloween costume ideas?

Question by Y: What are some very good halloween costume ideas?
I need a really god halloween costume idea! I have a costume get together to go to on Halloween and I want to dress to impress. I would like one thats not way too slutty, but nonetheless can make me look cute/pretty. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I dont want to be anything at all bloody or gory!

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Response by Robert
effortless get a box that will fit your human body and spray paint it your favourite solor..then get picnic cups and splay paint htem the same colour and glue them on the box so htat they look like a leggo…

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9 Thoughts to “What are some good halloween costume ideas?”

  1. futureparamedic

    okay lets see…..how about a southern bell with a victorian look so u can push ur boobs up with a full body spank w/out looking slutty cause ur covered or a cheerleader of ur fav college or pro team, or be sumthing funny like a bride from the 80’s with big hair and shoulder pads plus u can find a dress from that era anywhere! hope i helped!

  2. Aim


    There are plenty of sexy costumes that are not slutty. I am not sure what do you like, but still i will give you some ideas:
    Lady bug
    Car racer
    Bat woman
    If you like more ideas check the site at the source you will find many more ideas and links to the best online Halloween costume sites

    Good luck

  3. B.Lieve

    Halloween is one of the best times of the year so try something like this:


  4. Flowergal90

    Here are some great ideas, which are budget friendly too! Not the usual slutty cop/playboy bunny/nurse/etc. Lol .

  5. Harley

    Just go to gigaweb.com and you’ll find a lot of ideas for your costume. I ordered a lady pirate costume and it’s really sharp.

  6. hx3jessica

    Your Answer:
    at tthe top of my head alll i can think of is;

    baseball players:wear a cute colored baseball tee(you know the ones that everyones started wearing a while ago),soffee shorts,high socks,and get black paint for under the eyes.

    army girls:a camo shirt/tank,mabey a camoish colored hat,soffe shorts etc.

    cowgirls:get like a plaid colored button down shirt(ex.hollister has them)you can also tie it if you like going out to a party,short shorts,brown belt etc.

    hippies:you can tye-dye shirts/tanks,jeans,and a colored head band,possibly something that has a peace sign.

  7. John Craig

    Renaissance Medieval Maid

    It’s gonna make you look pretty and impressed!

  8. Len Morgan

    That’s nice and sensible of you. If you really want to create an impression then you must wear punk clothing with some powerful message incorporated on it, like wearing a war victim (child soldier) Punk t-shirt will create lot of appreciation at the party. You can download the design and print it on your t-shirt or you can buy it from any good online punk garment store. Bye, Best of luck for the Party!

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