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Princess of England™

Some cool renaissance wear images:

Princess of England™
renaissance wear
Image by SageE.
Dolls of the World – The Princess Collection – Collector Edition 2004.

"Princess of England™ Barbie® doll wears a lovely gown featuring a rose colored satin bodice and a rosy pink skirt decorated with golden renaissance inspired patterns. The square neckline is edged with pink and golden trim. Soft rosy pink sleeves elegantly drape off her shoulder over a full golden undersleeve. Golden embellishments accent her outfit, including a golden cord that ties at her waist, a brooch, and a regal crown, based on the steeple-shaped headdresses of the era."

191 of 365/2- I’ve been Steampunked!
renaissance wear
Image by Pahz
This weekend is the Steampunk Invasion of Bristol Renaissance Faire. Some very cool and generous online friends sent me accessories. The lovely lady who sent me this hat, goggles and pistol also sent a cool corset, but I’m just about an inch or so too big for it yet (even unlaced all the way). No worries. I have a vest I can wear.

I’m not wearing my hair like this for the Steampunk outfit. I just threw the stuff on and took the photo.

Fashion Cycling Jacket
renaissance wear
Image by Earthworm
I thought urban commuting cyclists should have their own look to distinguish them from sports cyclists. And I don’t think we should all have to wear neon lime-green nylon. Plus my nylon jacket never seems to come clean in the wash. Thus my cycling jacket design was born. Made from army surplus fabric from snow camo backpack covers and salvaged buttons from grandma’s button box. It looks a bit like a fencing jacket. I used a Simplicity pattern for a man’s Renaissance doublet with detachable sleeves. My sleeves attach with velcro on one side and snap tape on the other so I can easily tell which sleeve goes to which side.

The pattern had the sleeves slit to show the shirt underneath, but I made the slit with a flap to close it off or button it open. The sleeves remain unattached at the armpit for further ventilation. I also redesigned the front closure for the fun of it. I put velcro where there are not buttons which makes it easy to throw on and have it partially closed. The buttons are big enough for one handed buttoning. It’s quite functional.

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