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Do you think 100 lashes is enough punishment for this “crime”?

Question by eatmycrapyastaff: Do you think 100 lashes is enough punishment for this “crime”?
Saudi judge sentences pregnant gang-rape victim to 100 lashes for committing adultery
By Liz Hazelton
Last updated at 11:01 AM on 11th February 2009

A Saudi judge has ordered a woman should be jailed for a year and receive 100 lashes after she was gang-raped, it was claimed last night.

The 23-year-old woman, who became pregnant after her ordeal, was reportedly assaulted after accepting a lift from a man.

He took her to a house to the east of the city of Jeddah where she was attacked by him and four of his friends throughout the night.
A judge in the Saudi city of Jeddah, pictured, ruled that the woman was guilty of adultery and should be jailed for a year
She later discovered she was pregnant and made a desperate attempt to get an abortion at the King Fahd Hospital for Armed Forces.

According to the Saudi Gazette, she eventually ‘confessed’ to having ‘forced intercourse’ with her attackers and was brought before a judge at the District Court in Jeddah.

He ruled she had committed adultery – despite not even being married – and handed down a year’s prison sentence, which she will serve in a prison just outside the city.
She is still pregnant and will be flogged once she has had the child.
The Saudi Arabian legal system practices a strict form of medieval law. Women have very few rights and are not even allowed to drive.
They are also banned from going out in public in the company of men other than male relatives.

Like it or not, this kind of stuff speaks very loudly to westerners about what Islam is like.
so she’s a “floozy” for getting a ride in a country that won’t let her drive a car??? Man, you people are messed up.

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Answer by Callum♂
I don’t think Violence is acceptable as any type of punishment.
However, i particularly despise rapists, and think that they should just rot in the worst jail available.

And as for the woman being punished – Immoral. Their legal system needs serious reviewing.

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