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How do i argue this evidence?

Question by Ginitro: How do i argue this evidence?
Recently, My class watched An Inconvenient Truth, and personally, I dont believe in man causing the warming of earth, its just a cycle. but Im trying to tell my friends this but they are stupefied by the chart in the film showing the ‘cycles’ and showing that ours is immensely higher than the medieval warming cycle. something about that ”hockey-stick chart” doesnt look accurate, but how do i explain this better to them. All global warming supporters should look at facts, not NBC nightly news…
i mean when hes explaining that in the last 20 years, its been nonstop warming, which is totally bogus as clearly those statistics were made up. its telling this to them that they label me as ignorant, damn news watchers!
im not against gore, i just dont approve of man made global warming. im nonpolitical People!

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Answer by stl_luna_7
Did you know that Al Gore said the temperatures below the surface of the earth are millions of degrees? He said that! So why on Earth would anyone believe anything he has to say.

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