What is the difference between a katana 600 and a normal gsxr 600?

Question by Russell E: What is the difference between a katana 600 and a normal gsxr 600?
Please im thinking about buying a new bike and the one I found online is a katana but I dont want to buy it if its not what I want.
I always wanted a sports bike but never had enough money to buy one till now. I had 1980 kz750 up untill a couple months ago when i sold it that i rode for about 6 months or so. I want the bike for recreational rides i already have a truck to commute.

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Answer by The Champ
The GSX-R is a highly focused track tool with a very narrow powerband, close gearing, unforgiving handling, relentlessly responsive brakes, and a ruthlessly commited riding position.

The GSX600 (Katana) is more of a economy commuter with an ancient chassis and engine design. It is also a heavy, softly sprung wallowy pig, and has wooden brakes.

Dont buy either one.

Update with your riding experiance (have you ridden dirt bikes, do you have a rebel 250, are you a Moto GP champion etc) and how you intended to use the bike you want to buy (commuting, short recreational rides, touring, trackdays etc) and I will suggest a good bike.

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5 Thoughts to “What is the difference between a katana 600 and a normal gsxr 600?”

  1. dcbVT

    differences are night and day. I agree with the previous post though.
    I wouldnt recommend getting a gsxr.

    (this also depends on what year youre talking about).
    But if you need to ask this question Im assuming this is close to your first street bike, which again i advise against the gsxr600, it will be a lot to take in.

    the katana pretty heavy, and even though its inline 4 it doesnt have anywhere close to HP of modern sportbikes. which is actually not bad for a beginner.. but look up pictures and see the difference yourself

    one is a racing beast, the other (katana) is a sport tourer

  2. Brady

    Basically, the Katana is more of an “old man” GSXR. Its slower, but more comfortable. The GSXR is for going fast and racing and looking bad a$ $ . But the Katana is more for crusing and having a relaxing trip. Don’t get me wrong, the Katana still has some kick, but not as much as the GSXR

  3. YFZ450R

    Katana is most commonly referred to as the Can of Tuna. It’s slow & ugly. Not even a true sport bike. It is classified by the insurance agencies as a sport tourer.

    This bike is usually reserved for rookies who just want something to beat up on to learn how to ride or people who couldn’t afford anything else.

    If you want a GSX/R, then get a GSX/R. Just wear your gear, ride within your own limits, and don’t be a show off. Take the MSF course

  4. joe_siy

    If you’re riding in traffic in hot weather where there’s a ton of congestion, I recommend against the Katana, due to the fact that they are air cooled, whereas the gsxr is liquid cooled.

    Please don’t vote for people that give you the “you will die unless you ride a 250cc bike” garbage. I started off on a 600 and was just fine. Just be safe, ride alone to avoid peer pressure, and respect the power.

  5. Kukuh

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