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Is this a good story plot?

Question by : Is this a good story plot?
In a world medieval world where there is hatred between the two kingdoms of white and black Eder has lost his father and hopes with all the world to reclaim him and bring him back home. Eder’s father was taken by the White King and then sold as a slave to merchants. So Eder begins the quest of finding his father. The White King has a plan to take over the Land of Black. He hires mercenaries to kidnap the Black Kings family threatening them with death unless all the Land of black is given to him. The black King falls and gives up the Kingdom and The white king begins preparing his army. Eder has found his father and is now heading back to the Land of Black when a messenger has news that the White King is preparing an army for war and that the Black King has been captured. Eder goes to the Land of Black and gathers and army to fight the White Kings army starting the beginning of a war.

Is it good? Please be honest and what should I call the world that this all takes place in?

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Answer by vrsicks
You’re racist. The King of Black was sold as a slave?

And it sounds muddled and confusing.

You’re a racist AND an idiot.

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