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Is Rosetta Stone the best language course suited to me? I want to learn Arabic.?

Question by : Is Rosetta Stone the best language course suited to me? I want to learn Arabic.?
Is Rosetta Stone the best language course suited to me? I want to learn Arabic…?
Hello all 🙂

At the moment I really want to learn a new language to broaden my career aspects. I want to start off with Arabic..

I want to make it clear that as a newbie at this, I want to study Arabic so I can speak to people from the middle east where I often travel to (Dubai/Qatar/Syria), I want to be able to understand the news. I have self taught myself to read the letters of the Arabic already but I want to be able to read translations and understand them.

Now, as you can imagine, I have been researching all sorts of language courses. Of course, the one that sticks out the most is Rosetta Stone. However, what concerns me is that a lot of people mention that its really far too ‘formal’. I mean, I do want to learn formally but some people have compared it to the Arabic version of medieval English! I wanted to learn modern Arabic, so I can speak to locals/find my way around different places, but also formal enough so that I can talk to Arabian customers (I work at an airport and it’s a very good skill to have).

I’m just worried because I can only invest in one language course, so I really want to get it right the first time. I mean, I still am in the process of saving up for Rosetta Stone but if it’s the wrong course for me then I should probably start researching some other courses out there?

Also, I’m looking to eventually learn Arabic fluently, almost intermediate/expert level, so the good thing about RS was that it has another course after you complete the beginner (L1) level.

Just want to mention incase someone asks – because this will be a long term and ongoing process – time and money are NOT an issue. I really want to make sure I get this as right as I can, and will put in a lot of effort/money/time towards learning the language as I am very dedicated!

Thank you all for your help, any advice would be helpful, or any reccomendations!

-Poppy 🙂

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Answer by Blue
Yes, Rosetta stone is another excellent way of learning new languages(especially Arabic)

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