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Is Rosetta Stone the best language course suited to me? I want to learn Arabic?

Question by : Is Rosetta Stone the best language course suited to me? I want to learn Arabic?
Is Rosetta Stone the best language course suited to me? I want to learn Arabic…?
Hello all 🙂

At the moment I really want to learn a new language to broaden my career aspects. I want to start off with Arabic..

I want to make it clear that as a newbie at this, I want to study Arabic so I can speak to people from the middle east where I often travel to (Dubai/Qatar/Syria), I want to be able to understand the news. I have self taught myself to read the letters of the Arabic already but I want to be able to read translations and understand them.

Now, as you can imagine, I have been researching all sorts of language courses. Of course, the one that sticks out the most is Rosetta Stone. However, what concerns me is that a lot of people mention that its really far too ‘formal’. I mean, I do want to learn formally but some people have compared it to the Arabic version of medieval English! I wanted to learn modern Arabic, so I can speak to locals/find my way around different places, but also formal enough so that I can talk to Arabian customers (I work at an airport and it’s a very good skill to have).

I’m just worried because I can only invest in one language course, so I really want to get it right the first time. I mean, I still am in the process of saving up for Rosetta Stone but if it’s the wrong course for me then I should probably start researching some other courses out there?

Also, I’m looking to eventually learn Arabic fluently, almost intermediate/expert level, so the good thing about RS was that it has another course after you complete the beginner (L1) level.

Just want to mention incase someone asks – because this will be a long term and ongoing process – time and money are NOT an issue. I really want to make sure I get this as right as I can, and will put in a lot of effort/money/time towards learning the language as I am very dedicated!

Thank you all for your help, any advice would be helpful, or any reccomendations!

-Poppy 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Johny Hundred Dogs
Rosetta Stone is a waste of time. The company is great at marketing though, so you find their products everywhere. People with much experience learning languages and using different language materials know that Rosetta Stone is one of the worst products out there, regardless which language you’re working with. Rosetta Stone has no real tactic behind their language compilations, which means there’s no viable or proven method behind their materials.

If you’re going for a do-it-yourself-program then at least use Assimil Arabic with Ease, Pimsleur Arabic, and/or Teach Yourself Arabic. Most likely all these can be found at your nearest library. If time and money are not an issue then get these three materials mentioned above plus two books with common phrase-lists and something like this:

If you have never studied languages before and do not have discipline you need four more things: a credible teacher/course, a tutor/language partner (to speak with), audio materials (e.g. podcasts) in which you can listen to Arabic, and a method for learning vocabulary (e.g. Anki Most importantly you’re going to have to listen a lot in the beginning and begin speaking as much as you can as soon as possible.

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