Q&A: Sword as part of a Roman Centurion Outfit in NY.?

Question by Erik M: Sword as part of a Roman Centurion Outfit in NY.?
I’ve searched hard for the answer to this, but it’s not that clear cut – all answers welcome, especially from a law enforcement background!

I’m planning to wear a blunt Roman metal sword as part of a Halloween costume which will be conspicuosly hung by a belt in a scabbard. Looking at the laws I could find in NY state, I did not see this as an “illegal” weapon as defined by the statutes I could find, since the focus was primarily on concealed firearms. Also, this will be conspicuously displayed and not used in a threatening manner against anyone.

Should I print out a section of the statute just in case I get approached by the police? (I’ll be in NY City). Also, if I did not wear it in public, but only in private parties, would that make a difference? If I transported it in a bag or vehicle, would would those implications be?

Thanks so much!!

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Answer by law138
Not sure about NY….but I’d suggest you transport it in your trunk (might do a number on the leather if you attempted to sit in the car with it…Ha). If you are going to a private party, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I would make sure it remains secured in the scabbard at all times so some drunk idiot doesn’t start playing gladiator with it (that includes you….Haa JK).

I’m sure the NYPD will have plenty going on on Halloween and won’t be on the look out for Centurion costumes with real swords.

I wouldn’t carry it in a bag….that looks suspicious….I would think it was a rifle if it was in a bag.

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