Personal Touches For Your Wedding

There are so many ways to personalize your wedding that all the choices can become overwhelming.  Here are a few ideas for wedding favors that really wow.  People love a little something that they can take home with them and forever remember your big day by, so make it something special!

One way to really make an impression is with photo tile coasters.  These coasters can be ordered affordably online and can contain any image you can think of.  Add your engagement photo along with the date of your wedding.  Use the images off your invitations to help carry on the theme.  Or, simply have the word “love” in beautiful script letters in the center of each one.  If you are having a small gathering (or are really ambitious) gather a photo of each guest that will be attending and use the personalized coasters as place cards.  Be extra romantic and get a photo of other couples on their wedding days.  This is sure to tug on their heartstrings, and really help make your wedding all the more memorable, not to mention make for a great keepsake for them to remember your big day with.  Don’t forget cute mini-wine bottles to place on top of the coasters too!

Having a Themed Wedding? 

Personalize some favors that still match with the overall day.  If you are having a Las Vegas wedding with only your closest pals, then get personalized poker chips with your wedding date on them, or a deck of cards with the happy couple’s picture.  If you are having an outdoors wedding then give adorable potted plants with the guests’ names on the marker.  For outdoors wedding in spring or summer you could also give out beautiful feathered butterflies on clips, which can be pinned on jacket lapels or in hair, or sunglasses with your wedding date printed on the side.  Any of these options are sure to make for some very fun photos.  If you are having your wedding on Halloween then give out miniature customized trick or treat bags filled with goodies or small ceramic pumpkins with each guest’s name attached.

Sweet, Sweet Presents

Another very popular option today is that of homemade jams, jellies, preserves and honeys.  These are often given in adorably small jars with quotes attached to them.  Sweet light ones are great for weddings in the warmer months, but you can also give spiced versions for the cooler months too.  To make them extra sweet, don’t forget the fun sayings!

For example, on the jars of honey you could attach “Meant To Bee”, “Sweet As Honey”, “Love Is Buzzing”, “Life Is Sweet” or other cute quotes along with the wedding date.  On jelly, jam, or preserve jars you could attach a ribbon and a cheesy but adorable quote like “Spread The Love”, “Berry Happy Day”.  Of course, you can also simply have a label with the couple’s names and wedding date as well.  This same idea can be used for other food items, such as a specially brewed pack of coffee with “The Perfect Blend” and a picture of the couple on the label, or a ring pop with the words “With This Ring” on it.  Of course it doesn’t have to be food, you can use cute quotes on a book of matches such as “The Perfect Match”, on a pack of seeds “Sow-In Love”, well, you get the idea!

There are so many ways to personalize your wedding with favors that it can be hard to choose.  From custom tile coasters, to little jars of sweet jelly, we hope some of the above ideas have inspired you.  Find the perfect favors by looking over the rest of your wedding and using the theme, color scheme or even the time of year to help you make the right choice.

Hugh Parker is the owner of ZaZaGallery.com, a place where you can create personalized coasters and other personalized gifts.

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