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Q&A: Can you assist me arrive up with a scenario that is comparable to this one but various?

Question by Ryan Tyhurst: Can you help me appear up with a circumstance that is equivalent to this one but various?
For instance, I may say, experienced I jumped ahead from medieval times and experienced in no way observed a Television
prior to, that it appeared that there was a really tiny guy behind a extremely very small desk trapped behind the glass presenting to me the evening information. This would be my subjective conception of it, shaped only from my observations without having any outside the house reflection on it. Stepping outside of that, reflecting on what is occurring, and exploring a bit in to contemporary technology, I would occur to uncover out about video cameras and how tv displays have been broadcast. This would be my purpose conception of it. I could also say, objectively, that, while at 1st physical appearance it did understandably look to be a tiny guy and desk trapped powering glass, I am now confident that it is not. In this way the objective viewpoint certainly trumps the subjective viewpoint, while nevertheless explaining how the subjective viewpoint would be arrived at.

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Response by josephrosecarpenter
A man on a balcony watches a tidal wave arrive ashore. Some men and women are swept to sea and some wash up on his balcony. He states “The hand of god was right here” . Later on, fractals are discussed to him and he realizes that it was just a numeric likelihood.

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