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Problem by juuuwwiiiaa♥: HALLOWEEN…………………………….COSTUMES?
i HAVE NO Idea WHAT TO Dress UP AS THiS Calendar year FOR HALLOWEEN. i WAS Questioning iF YOU COULD Assist ME. i Do not WANT TO GO AS Anything TO “Heavy”, BUT i WANT A Cool Creative COSTUME. I will Get Anything Creative, BUT i Will not WANT Hyperlinks TO HALLOWEEN Retailers, OR HALLOWEEN Shop NAMES. i WANT COSTUME iDEA’S. Make sure you Assist ME AS Soon AS YOU CAN!

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Reply by Elle
How about Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Calls for:

Straightforward black gown
prolonged black gloves
pearl necklace
long cigarette holder

It’s a glamorous thought…I saw a lady as that last year and she appeared so sweet!

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4 Thoughts to “Q&A: HALLOWEEN…………………………….COSTUMES?”

  1. Brandon M

    Be something people may find funny . But something not too heavy . I went as a grandma last year lol . I remember I saw a guy covered in cereal boxes and he had some killer mask . Guess what he was? a “serial killer” .. lol.

  2. ny9123456

    I think you should either be and angel or a devil depending on which you think you are like. I doesn’t matter if you pick what i say as long as you like to be what you want. Or you should choose a bug like a ladybugor butterfly. Maybe you should be some kind of princess or something. Dress like your never dressed before someting that not like you at all.

  3. No No, Bad Dog!

    T-shirt or sweat shirt with the name Susan on it (craft store fabric paint)

    Black make up around one ey – –


    White sweat pants and hooded sweat shirt.

    Brown felt fabric cut in shapes glued on with fabrick glue, a bit of make up and you are a puppy. You could even get a dog collar!!!! If you can sew on ears to the hoodie it would even be better


    A witch is always good an easy


  4. strawberrievanillax♥x

    accually i was planning on go as ‘half girl half boy’ like on my rightside i would be a girl and on my left a boy..! haha i found it on the web last year and thought it would be kinda cool…

    uhmm you could wear guyish pants and then on the right side you could roll them up..and pin a skirt on the right side so its more girly… for the top you could just find a netural top that could go with both girls and guys .. or some how you could find a cheap guy top adn a cheap girls and then cut them in half.. and then you could sew them together if you dont mind spending alittle money… for the shoes just ya know you can figure it out. and for the hair.. just make the girl side all girly and the boys side kinda guyish… like just pin it up so it looks like a guy. and you can figure out what to do with your make up…..

    hope i helped sorry its so long… email me if you need help or anything!!

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