Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costume ideas for short curly brown hair?

Question by mangamaniac22: Halloween costume ideas for short curly brown hair?
I’m petite with a smaller frame, but I’ve been racking my brain for a unique costume that most one have on for this Halloween… But I can’t even think of a celebrity or movie character even with my current hair! Any movie ideas would be fun and appreciated, or even tv shows/animes/book characters. Would anyone even find it funny if I dressed as a Jonas brother and made fun of them? I don’t mind cross-dressing for a costume.

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Answer by prpldrank22
put peanut butter around your mouth and go as an asshole!!!!

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  1. xx3_etf_3xx

    I’ve cross dressed for a costume. It’s a lot of fun. Go for the Jonas Brothers thing. People will call it a funny costume.

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