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5 Thoughts to “What are some really unique and great pair halloween costumes?”

  1. Alix

    you could be:

    a witch and a black cat
    a vampire and a bat
    a bee a lady bug a butterfly
    two different fairies

    or just go shopping together and see what there is you both like. me and my friend are going together and I’m a witch and she’s a vampire. hope I helped

  2. Cherry

    How about make some costumes from game, such as angry birds, dragonvale…

  3. hexigeluo1 h

    You are two girls? Here’s an article suggesting some interesting costume ideas for 2 girls:

  4. Abhishek

    you can go for cotton candy theme

    never heard of it?

    you can have a look here

    (3rd pic in fifth row)

    you can also find some other good ideas there

  5. | Mr. Khan |

    Peace be with you,

    People are so obsessed with Halloween but they don’t even know about it’s origination or where it actually belongs to. Check this link out to know what Halloween really is, specially for so called “Christians”:

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