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When “Socialism” is so obviously misunderstood by the Extreme proper, why hassle even listening?

Question by cynical bugger: When “Socialism” is so obviously misunderstood by the Extreme right, why bother even listening?
When so many are so utterly blinded by Fox “News” to the exclusion of receiving, even for a moment, any other, less biased form of information without having to label it, “liberal” merely because it proposes to expose something that more closely resembles a truth, why even bother to argue? It is they who have partaken of the “Cool-Aid”. Its’ everybody else who must remain objective, render an honest opinion, question, answer, etc and continue to criticize our corporately led government, which, of course, in spite of the best intentions, we still suffer under.
Socialism is not the same as Communism. Socialism means taking care to some extent of your own people- it is a social agreement to support the meek against the powerful who already have command of their resources and to some extent abuse them to the detriment of society- if your merely looking for lower taxes, well, that’s actually another story- tax the wealthy who have already gained so much at the cost of so many. I’m not for a moment suggesting that the workers take over the means of production- that is yet another, oft misunderstood and failed story. Why confuse the issue with false information?
The Republicans have been practicing socialism for the wealthy for decades yet barely anyone gets this. The pendulum has certainly swung too far- there is a sensible balance short of bankrupting ourselves, though it may already be too late.
Even intelligent people cling to these assumptions which is why it remains so utterly frustrating.
‘Assumptions’ being what I’ve already mentioned as the right wing agenda of mindlessly and endlessly hoarding what they could never have produced entirely on their own by any reasonable assumption.
I’d be happy if I could extract an honest answer from a single one of them.
Obviously I’ve arrived at the wrong door, here.
David I, thank you. I knew I wasn’t insane, LOL. Pod people and all of that.

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Answer by Bittersweet
You’re right. If you don’t agree, you don’t have to listen.

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8 Thoughts to “When “Socialism” is so obviously misunderstood by the Extreme proper, why hassle even listening?”

  1. g

    hahaa… if you try to use news stories… they say “the media is bias”

    if you try to use university studies… they say the “universities are bias”…

    it seems they will only accept facts that agree with them…

  2. Altair 1

    Which Socialist or Communist Countries have you lived in sir? You haven’t. Trust me if you had you sure as hell would not be promoting it.

  3. President ZERO

    Here is how to explain socialism to an American liberal:

    Here’s the deal:
    Take out your weed and put it on the table. Now think about your friend who never has any weed. Every time you buy a bag, give that friend half of the weed. Every time. No matter what. You know those Dave Matthews tickets you have? You have to give one to your friend that doesn’t have one. He’s not going to pay you for it. Ever. You ordered pizza? Yeah, he’s not chipping in any cash for it, but he’s eating a couple of slices. Same friend always always always bumming smokes because he never has any.
    Over the next 30 days, your friend has bummed 3 packs of smokes and a concert ticket. You’ve bought him 6 meals and a quarter ounce of weed that he won’t even smoke with you.
    Day 31, the phone rings. Caller ID says it’s your friend who never has any smokes, or herb, or cash. Do you answer the phone?

  4. david l

    The American public have been kept as ignorant of modern economic theory as the medieval public were of Christian doctrine. They are taught only one school of thought, and told that every other theory is heresy and its proponents evil.

    You can’t expect reason from a robot, and these people have been programmed. They call the left “Obamabots” and things less complimentary, but someone else has done all their thinking for them. Talk about the pot and the kettle!

    When you dissent, you are denying their God. Prepare to suffer the consequences.

  5. ArRo

    You are right…many don’t know what “socialism” is, and continue to preach against all forms. But, think what they’d do if the government took back their Medicare! What if there were no municipal services or civil protections? We have been a combination of Capitalism and Socialism for longer than most have lived.

  6. Steve M

    Socialism is very well understood, and has never worked anywhere it’s been tried either.

  7. BekindtoAnimals22

    So you admit the democrats have become socialists. That doesn’t happen often. Most elected democrats call themselves progressives. We are “progressing” the government, not the people’s interests. The concept of socialism is that people can’t deal with their lives, the government must control it. The government controls the economy in a socialist government. We are very close to socialism right now. Very close.

  8. The Patriot

    First, of all, I would not call them the extreme right. In the UK, we have the extreme right here, and they are facist and racist. To call most right wing posters here as extreme falls into the same trap as many do when they call Obama socialist.

    As for fox news…

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