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Long Medieval Tunic — The name tunic comes from the ancient roman word tunica. The tunica was a garment worn by both men and women in Rome and was related to earlier garments from the Eastern Mediterranean. This longer version of what we are calling a medieval tunic is in fact much more versatile than that. Though the tunic both long and short were worn during various times in the middle ages this garment would not look out of place in ancient Rome or Greece or even the Byzantine Empire. In the middle ages this longer tunic would have been worn by women under an outer dress like the chemises of the 17th century. It makes a fantastic underdress to any Viking or Saxon dress or add a belt and throw it over modern clothes and wear as lightweight peasant dress. For men this is the perfect start to various priests or wizards or throw a toga or brat over it an you are ready for the Roman senate or off to the council of elders. Our tunics are made from a breezy open-weave cotton that looks very much like linen. These garments are all pre-shrunk and are colorfast. The cotton is much less wrinkle-prone than actual linen and is very soft against the skin.

Made by Medieval Betty

Key Features:
* 100% Cotton
* Durable & Well Made
* Great for Re-enactors


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