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Ranger’s Shirt — Our Ranger’s Shirt features a lace-up front wide cuff and lacing on the wrists and a comfortable drop yolk that won’t slide back over the shoulders. The narrow rounded collar makes this shirt more comfortable (and look better) under gambesons and surcoats. The long 3-inch cuff and 6-inch lace on this shirt holds tightly to more of the forearm so you won’t get your sleeve caught in your bowstring. The lacing from neck to hem is made from the shirt fabric and the reinforced buttonholes on the front and cuff make this shirt more period and more durable. Our Ranger’s Shirts are made from a breezy open-weave cotton that looks very much like linen. These garments are all pre-shrunk and are colorfast. The cotton is much less wrinkle-prone than actual linen and is very soft against the skin.

Made by Medieval Betty

Key Features:
* 100% Cotton
* Durable & Well Made
* Fabric Laces from Neck to Hem & Wrist


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