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“Excalibur Sword”- The legendary sword of King Arthur son of Uther and Igrain.? The Legend has it that it was magically embedded in a stone and only the truest of knights could remove it and so be king.? Excalibur served Arthur well until his great battle with his arch enemy Modrid (who just happens to have also been his son), the culmination of which saw the great sword returned to the Lady of the Lake. Could you be the next Arthur? Now we’re not saying that we were able to make a deal with the Lady of the Lake, but if your wife or girlfriend is named Guinevere, just imagine the possibilities.
These Generation 2/Legacy Arms blades are made of strong high carbon steel with a full tang. The handle is wooden with a stainless steel twisted wire wrapping. The cross guard and pommel are made of solid brass, then highly polished.

A hardwood scabbard wrapped in leather with brass accents is included. Made by Legacy Arms.

Key Features:
full tang construction
high carbon blade
scabbard included
Made In The Philippines

Specifications +
Overall: 44 1/2″
Blade Length: 34″
Weight: 5lbs 3oz
Blade Steel: 5160

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs


Legacy Arms


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