About Us

Why Swords of Honor?
Here at Swords of Honor we sell amazing array of top-quality medieval and renaissance items for your needs. We have experience with these items and have been selling them since 1999 and we are proud to continue to offer our customers the most honorable service in the business. We sell items from all eras such as Ancient Egypt, medieval era, American Civil War, and the Roman Empire. We have a wide assortment of items for you to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are going to a costume party or re-enacting a battle from our ancient history we have the armor, weapons, and clothing that you need to look authentic. We have clothing and items in all shapes and sizes for your whole family.

A Wide Selection
At Swords of Honor we carry a wide selection of items such as swords, armor, medieval clothing, medieval jewelery, footwear, books, music, and other items from the past. Our selection is extensive and you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for. We also carry a wide variety of accessories to make any medieval event spectacular. Choose from goblets, medieval statues, tankards, cutlery and other medieval or renaissance items to make any event amazing.

Our selection of costumes is amazing with garments such as knights, pirates, barmaids, damsels, and more. In addition to basic costumes you’ll find characters such as Medieval Knight Costume, Lancelot Costume, Guinevere Costume, King Arthur Costume, and more. You’ll find all the costumes at Swords of Honor that you need for any event or costume party. Including Halloween Costume Ideas.

Swords of Honor not only offers great costumes but we offer tons of great accessories for your costumes such as hats, boots, and props so your costume is authentic as possible. A special hat or coat can make your costume a cut above the rest and allow you to stand out in the crowd. If you’re looking for an amazing authentic style look then Swords of Honor has everything that you’re looking for when it comes to medieval and renaissance clothing items.

Swords and Replica Weapons
In addition to great costumes Swords of Honor has a wide assortment of medieval and other weapons for you to choose from. If you need an ancient style Roman sword for example we have you covered. If you need a medieval style sword or a renaissance sword we have those to. Not only do we carry swords but we have archery items, replica firearms, daggers, maces, axes, spears, hammers. When you are looking for the best replica weapons to make the perfect outfit or for a re-enactment then you can count on Swords of Honor to fulfill your needs. Our replica items all look amazing and they will compliment your costume nicely. Battle ready swords for discriminating collectors and theater re-enactors. Hand forged from tough high-carbon steel by the finest craftsman. These swords are built for use and not just to be displayed. Every detail is added to make these swords the most rugged swords in their class. With each historically accurate design, the sword maker goes the extra mile, individually crafting these guards and pommels from solid steel, unlike other sword makers who cast their fittings using a brittle zinc alloy. Most of these swords include a genuine leather scabbard and others the appropriate wooden scabbard. Wear your sword with pride knowing that from the beautiful handle to the expertly tempered carbon steel blade, the sword on your hip is more than a wall hanger. Our line of fully functional battle ready swords are from CAS/Hanwei, Paul Chen, Valiant Armoury, Imperial Weapons, Cold Steel, LARP Distribution, Windlass Steelcrafts, Albion Armorers, and much more.

Swords of Honor also carry a wide selection of gifts for those that like medieval and renaissance history. Our selection includes letter openers, statues, wall displays, banners, desk displays, small miniature replica cannons, tableware, and many more other gifts for the medieval and renaissance lover.

Your Number One Source for Medieval and Renaissance Items
Swords of Honor not only carries medieval and renaissance items but we carry items from other eras too. We have tons of amazing costumes, swords, and other items for all your event or re-enactment. We offer specials all time, such as free ground shipping, or coupon discounts, on your orders. Still confused on what to get that special someone? Why not give them one of our gift certificates. Call us or send us an email if you have any questions about our products. We are here to serve you.