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Merlin’s Magic is a unique pourable die stone created for the Hobby/Craft enthusiast. Merlin’s pours into molds without vibration yielding a dense smooth bubble-free cast. With very lo expansion at .06% and high compressive strength at 14000 psi Merlin’s Magic is the perfect material when high strength and accurate detail are desired. We have used this product here ourselves and it is very cool stuff. Details are crisp and virtually bubble free(can be actually bubble free if you use Hirst’s Arts wet water method but we are a bit lazy).

We are currently offering 6 ounces free sample of this product. You only pay for shipping. Limit ONE free sample – 6 ounces per customer – and cannot be combined with any other order.

Please write a review and tell us and others what you used the hobby stone for and what was your impressions.

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4 reviews for Merlin’s Magic Hobby Stone

  1. Della Cole

    The Hobby Stone arrived perfectly yesterday and I’ve already got my castle mold created and can’t wait to detail it. The cast feels very strong and it’s bubble free.
    James R.

  2. Robert Shipman

    I built a first place winning castle and fort with my 50 pound order from

  3. Joe R

    Did my first casts today, it is so nice when you get something and it exceeds all of your expectations. it mixed, poured and cast great. No air bubbles and the pieces came out great.

  4. Patrick Perdu

    I got some HIrstsArt molds and 25lbs of this plaster last week. I have been molding a lot for a full week-end and a few sessions, and I am getting the hang of it.
    This is great. I do get some bubbles on some very complex parts but I am learning how to avoid them and otherwise I could not be happier.
    I am back today to order some more. I am nearly out already having cast literally hundreds of parts (about 30 pouring each with two, three or four molds).
    Worth mentioning: I do measure the actual weight of stone to get the right ratio – The result is really good.

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