Wooden Gladius (Rudis)


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This is our less expensive version of the Rudis. For a better quality Rudis, go to

A Rudis was a gift to a gladiator for a special achievement. This signified his release from a slave to a free man. These wooden swords were also used by Gladiators for training. If he survived the arena and lived long enough to retire a symbolic wooden gladius (Rudis) was awarded as a token of discharge and freedom.

Would be perfect as a gift to anyone in the military or retired military or as gift of academic accomplishment. Could also be engraved with up to 25 characters.

Blade 20″ long
1 3/4″ wide
5/8″ thick
Wt-3/4 lb.


Swords of Honor

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Engraving (up to 25 characters)



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Swords of Honor