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2.6ghz Processor speed helpp?

Question by Joe C: 2.6ghz Processor speed helpp?
Hey i was looking to buy the HP G70-120EA with nVidia GeForce 9200 graphics with 256mb shared memory, and a “Processor speed2GHZ, 800MHz, 2MB” – which ive heard will be fine for mediochre gaming on games such as Counter strike source, battlefield 1942, medieval 2 total war and the new empire total war, but reading from this website (, apparently the system requirements are a minimum of a 2.6GHZ processor? Am i getting things wrong and mixed up or will the laptop’s processor be too slow?

Here’s the laptop link:

Thanks alot =]
the system requirements of 2.6GHZ is for Empire total war, by the way
heres the correct link again aswell – sorry!

Best answer:

Answer by MAtthew A
Its wont do great as its a laptop and for gaming a good laptop will set you back anywere from $ 2000 to $ 8000.
It should be able to run the games you list at medium, but because iof the LCD quality it puts strain on the videocard.

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