Medieval Clothing

Good Medieval Wear pictures

Some neat medieval have on photographs:

The Fuentidueña Chapel: Crucifix
medieval wear
Image by peterjr1961
Spain, Castilla-León (Palencia), ca. 1150-1200
From the convent of Santa Claraat Astudillo, around Palencia

Putting on the golden crown of the King of Heaven, Christ is revealed in triumph more than passing away. This picture of the residing Christ on the cross is frequently located in Romanesque Spain. With a lot of the original shade intact, the figure is improved by considerable gilding of the hems and the use of simulated jewels as nicely as big polished stones. As the convent from which this poignant picture comes was not located till the early 14th century, the crucifix was possibly produced for the Romanesque church that nevertheless stands at Astudillo.

Lincolne Companie
medieval wear
Image by skeggy
Brad demonstrates how his hood with its prolonged liripipe can be worn in diverse approaches.

Medieval Mask in Volterra, Italy
medieval wear
Picture by hyunlab
In the medieval occasions in Europe, the criminals had to use this mask. Often until time of their demise. So thankful to be living in this age.

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