How can I clean up an old katana blade?

Question by matt_of_asia: How can I clean up an old katana blade?
I got a katana from a friend of mine and it is steel. -Unsharpened probably a tourist thing but I like it. I think it needs some cleaning but I am afraid to use steel wool. What kind of things or substances would you recommend to clean up a beautiful katana that is a bit neglected?
I checked out the website Mothra sent me. Its very good. Now I have determined that yes, mine is indeed a touristy imitation unfinished (no edge- it couldnt cut butter) display sword. It looks scary, but is no more harmful than a light baseball bat! Which is ok. It still looks cool. I cant complain- it was a gift! Now I just need to see if I can buff it up so it looks shiny and figure out an appropriate display in my apartment… The fine grain sandpaper will be coming out! Next I need to figure out if I can afford the time to take kendo in Taichung.

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Answer by MOTHRA LEO
Hi Matt, how IS your vacation coming along?? Anyways, you might be interested in the links below. Here are some advices on care and maintenance for your katana blade (according to the links below, and which I condense here):

1.) Get yourself a sword-cleaning kit.
2.) Display/put in an area out of direct sunlight.
3.) The less moisture, the better. Zero moisture is preferred.
4.) Coat lightly with oil (choji oil) for regular storage. For long-term storage, thicken the oil-coat.
5.) Avoid leaving fingerprints on the blade.
5.) Try using a pencil eraser for stains.
6.) If pencil erasers are ineffective against the stains, use wet sandpaper with very fine grit (600-900.) Technique for sanding is inside the second link.

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2 Thoughts to “How can I clean up an old katana blade?”

  1. Jeff L

    Actually it’s illegal own the katana(武士刀) in TW.
    There are laws in TW.
    Don’t use it & take it abroad.
    Why your friend gave you it?
    Doesn’t he know it’s illegal have it?

  2. Ajeet M

    I got one too. I left it in Singapore where I got a Police liscense for it-A touristy type I bought in Japan.

    I dont know if it is illegal or not in Taiwan since they sell replica swords in town especially Chinese Martial Arts weapons.

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