How do I dye a match of armour black?

Query by hades: How do I dye a match of armour black?

Very best solution:

Response by Alsaqri
i dont think you can dye it but you can spray paint it with metal spray paint

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3 Thoughts to “How do I dye a match of armour black?”

  1. jglassdude

    you don’t dye it, you electro-chemically coat it(blueing), either that or you spray it with primer and spray paint it.

  2. Kathy A

    whats it made of ??? If its cotton…Rit dye…depending on the size (amnt of fabric) you need MORE than one bottle or box. (salt and H O T water)

    If it’s metal…you paint it…

  3. zzHoUnDzz

    Spray paint outside with it on a tarp or disposable plastic.

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