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In medieval two whole war, how do I merge models?

Query by joypatra: In medieval 2 whole war, how do I merge units?
For example, I have some spear militia units with much less than 10 troopers in every single. I would like to merge them into a single unit instead than retraining them. Is there a way to do so?

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Solution by jack
Thats a excellent query…. I have that sport way too and I have found when soldiers get minimal on the two sets of units a single group will merge with the other automatically.

So I feel it’s achievable, I never truly feel like loading the recreation up right now but I have an concept. Try out drag and droping the models on leading of every single other.

This could only perform with units that have the very same exact armor, experinece, weapon improve, and many others… So if you have one particular unit of spear militia that has leather-based armor and yet another that has chainmail then it could not operate.

I am content the incorporated the retrain in this medieval collection… now if they can just resolve the AI…

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