Japanese Sword?

Question by L.: Japanese Sword?
Does any individual know why there some Japanese swords have a string hooked up at the conclude of the deal with and some don’t ?
What is the purpose of attaching the string?

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Reply by djkolbe
The string is there so that you can tie your cell telephone to it for simple access for the duration of a fight.

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  1. Kris G

    I am not really aware of this in traditional Japanese katanas, but many forms of Chinese swords have tassels at the ends of the hilt. The idea is that the movement of the brightly colored tassel will distract the opponent from the movement of the sword.

  2. Clayton J

    I am not sure why some do not have the string (probably warriors choice) but traditionally the string or tie is used to secure the blade in the sheath.

  3. Lawless

    The addition or lack thereof of the string is simply a preference of the sword maker.

    The actual purpose of the string is to attach it to the belt, clothing, etc. of the person wearing it.

  4. tyrsson58

    If you mean a loop of flat cords ending in a tassel, you mean a Sword Knot.

    Sword knots are (primarily) an European tradition, for a one-handed sword. The idea is that you attach the cords to your wrist so that if you let go of the sword, you don’t drop it and lose it.

    When Japan ‘modernized” in the Meiji Restoration, they “European-ized” many of their traditions. For the Russo-Japanese war, they even put katana blades in European-style saber mounts.

    For World War 2, they adopted a more traditional mount for their swords, called “Shin Gun To, or New Army Sword. It was a katana-style mount, but they added a loop at the end of the tsuka (handle), and attached a sword knot.


  5. Dana D

    I bet you’re talking about sageo, they used carry swords just inserting between Hakama and belt, and some swords had sageo strap you are talking about, it was for avoiding drop or rob and putting that strap made swords stayable on their side. something in common of the strapped swords were…. kind a expensive one LOL.


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